Thursday, November 17, 2011

The "Now Eat This" Challenge

"150 of America's Favorite Foods All Under 350 Calories"

For my 30th birthday my grandma sent me this book as a gift. She said that she loves it and that my aunt and uncle, who introduced it to her have already lost 15 lbs and eat recipes only from it. Now you have to have some thick skin to not be offended when someone sends you a weight loss recipe book for your birthday... but I know she was only being kind & loving by it.
So since September I have made a goal to cook at least 2 or 3 recipes from this book a week until I have cooked them all. After cooking them all, I will then be able to say which ones are good, great, or hardly edible. If you'd like to join me in my healthy eating journey, please join in. I will test them out for you, and let you know which ones you have to try and which ones to not waste y our time & energy on. I know... I haven't blogged about my cooking in ages. But here's to a fresh start. If I'm the only one left still reading this blog, that's OK. At least our little of family of 4 will be all the healthier & more delicious for it. Wish me luck! We're about to find out if healthy really can taste good, I mean "comfort food good"!

Disclaimer: By the looks of things, this cook book contains ingredients that are not always "cheap" like my blog address proclaims. However, there is a little Italian proverb that says, "You either pay the farmer or the doctor." So as I grumble about the extra produce I have to buy, I will remind myself that they're cheaper than a box of Oreos and definitely cheaper than a new heart or kidney. :) I also may throw in a few random recipes from time to time that are not from this book that I insist you must try and can't wait till this challenge is over to share them with you.

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